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Zibaldo is a large jungle-area populated by pygmies. It debuted in "The Bigger They Are, the Louder They Oink".


A province of Itsy-Bitsia, the tropical territory of Zibaldo is inhabited by numerous pygmy tribes, dwelling in walled villages deep within the heart of the rain forest. Unlike most other pygmy tribes, however, the natives of Zibaldo are unusually hostile toward outsiders. Fierce predators such as lions also roam the jungles of Zibaldo, a fact which would deter all but the most courageous (or foolhardy) explorers from venturing too far into the jungle interior. The outer fringes of the rain forest, on the other hand, are quite safe and often are visited by sightseers and picnicking tourists.

Fortune hunters know that Zibaldo is a major source of truffles, mushroom delicacies favored by the upper class. Tales are told of vast truffle fields hidden deep within secluded jungle glades. At $50 per truffle, entrepreneurs could very easily make thousands of dollars on a successful harvest.

The best way to locate truffles is to bring along special truffle-hunting babirusa pigs to sniff them out. Unfortunately, pig meat (in truffle stew) happens to be the favorite dish of most pygmy tribes. For their own safety, tourists are expressly forbidden to bring live pigs or pig-based foodstuffs into the area. Furthermore, Itsy-Bitsia's state militia has installed numerous guardposts along Zibaldo's border, to ensure no such "contraband" is smuggled into the jungle.


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