Wan Lo

Wan Lo is the evil emperor of the city of Pandala. He was voiced by Robert Ito.


When Baloo rediscovers the city and tells him and his people that they can visit Cape Suzette, Wan Lo jumps at the chance and orders his people to fly the city there using giant balloons in order to invade and conquer it.[68] With heat-seeking rockets among their weapons, Panda-La easily defeats the city's defenses.[68] Being blamed for causing the invasion, Baloo seeks to redeem himself by flying out alone to fight against Wan Lo's forces.[68] Filling the Sea Duck with ice cream, Baloo at first evades the heat-seeking rockets, but is eventually captured.[68] While in captivity, Baloo tries to negotiate with Wan Lo, but the emperor explains that his people do not seek to make friends but rather to conquer new territories in which to live.[68] Baloo later receives some unexpected help from Kit, Louie, Rebecca, and Wildcat, which allows him to escape and get back to the Sea Duck.[68] During the ensuing battle, Baloo manages to use the pandas' own weapons against them and defeats Panda-La.[68] Wan Lo is last seen floating down into Cape Suzette's bay in the basket of a parachute-balloon with his two sons after escaping from his crashing palace-balloon.[68] His fate after this is unknown, as is the fate of his people.


He wears red Chinese-style garbs.


He is shown to be a good actor: appearing as nice and hospitable but is really malevolent and imperialistic.


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