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Winter and snow in Thembria

Thembria is a country that borders Cape Suzette. Its government appears to be similar to the Soviet Union's government, exhibiting the particular characteristics of that government during the Joseph Stalin era. All of its inhabitants are purplish warthogs, and the climate of Thembria is usually snowy and cloudy. Baloo says that Thembrians like to get your attention with heavy objects. He means that they literally go up to your plane and drop pianos on it. In "Flight of the Snow Duck", it's revealed that they paint the imported flamingos blue (as if they were frozen), and then exported them at half the price. It's very stupid, I know. As well as in "Flight of the Snow Duck", it is also found out that Thembria has a corrupt government since you could get a life sentence for not complimenting the judge's new hair.

It appears in the episode "Flight of the Snow Duck", & "Flight School Confidential."[1]




  • The Annual Slush Festival


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