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Season 1, Episode 14
Air date September 21, 1990
(Disney Channel: June 17, 1990)
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Stormy Weather is the fourteenth episode of TaleSpin.


While cloud surfing, Kit pulls a stunt that shakes Baloo. Rebecca is also worried after seeing the state of the weather, and Wildcat's comments on the danger serve to convince Kit that they're conspiring against him. However, his aerobatics catch the attention of Daring Dan Dawson, a stunt pilot who comes to commend Kit for his skill. After briefly mistaking Baloo and Rebecca for Kit's parents-much to Rebecca's horror-and learning that Kit is in fact an orphan, Dan gives the youngster tickets to his air circus show. Kit is thrilled by Dan's display, and even more so when DAn offers him a position with the circus.

Fearing Kit is slipping from his guidance, Baloo plans to show him some fun times at Louie's Place the next day, with some encouragement from Rebecca. But the next day, Baloo notices Kit is missing, and learns from Wildcat that Kit has headed to the airfield. Meanwhile, Kit is enjoying some cloudsurfing and a plane ride with Dan, who repeats his offer for Kit to join the show with a warning that they'll be leaving the next day. He then invites Kit to try out a new stunt Dan has taught him, which sees him standing atop Dan's plane before dropping to ride his airfoil safely up to Higher for Hire. However, Baloo and Becky are less than pleased with Kit's reckless behavior, with Baloo confiscating the airfoil.

That night, Baloo and Kit argue over Dan Dawson, and Baloo tells him to stay away from Dan, which sends Kit into tears saying "You can't tell me what to do! You're NOT my dad!" Kit throws his hat at Baloo and jumps into his bed, weeping softly, and Baloo tries to apologize, but Kit tearfully ignores him. Baloo turns off the lamp, sighing softly and tells him goodnight; however, he awakes the next morning to find Kit gone yet again. Becky informs him that Kit left of his own accord, and Baloo races to the airfield to save his navigator from the unscrupulous Dan.

Baloo arrives just in time to see Kit performing his latest stunt, and decides that maybe Kit is better off pursuing his new career. However, Baloo's suspicions about Dan prove to be true, as he barely pays Kit anything for his work, and soon tries to pressure him into undertaking a particularly dangerous new stunt. Back at Higher for Hire, Baloo has given up on his job without Kit, until a police officer arrives with news that Dan is a wanted criminal whose stunts have injured a number of people. The police are planning to catch him in the act at New Fedora, but Baloo charges off to deal out his own justice to the villain.

Kit refuses to go along with Dan's latest stunt, due in part to bad weather, and Dan tricks into believing that he'll take him home to Cape Suzette. However, Dan goes ahead with the stunt and cuts the belts holding Kit in his seat before flipping the plane over. Fortunately, Baloo arrives in the Sea Duck just in time to save Kit, before forcing Dan to abandon his stunt plant by way of shredding the tail with the Sea Duck's propellers. Dan falls into the clutches of a waiting policeman, and his attempted escape is prevented by another dive from Baloo. Kit then apologies to his "Papa Bear" who is quick to accept his young navigator back to duty.


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  • The Disney Channel previewed this episode June 17, 1990.
  • Alan Roberts was Kit's voice in this episode.


  • Kit: Gee... I didn't scare you, did I?
  • Baloo: SCARE? Kit, scare doesn't cover half of it!

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