Season 1, Episode 14
Air date September 21, 1990
(Disney Channel: June 17, 1990)
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Stormy Weather is the 14th episode from season 1 of TalesSpin.


While cloud surfing, Kit pulls a stunt that shakes Baloo. When Kit reassures him that he knew what he was doing, Baloo starts to set some rules on Kit's hobby. But when he's approached by Dan Dawson who saw his aerodynamics, Kit is dazzled by his many compliments and leaves leaving some papers falling at them which kit is amazed and asked Baloo if he sees it and he tells him that he already saw it, them some pile of papers land on his head. Fearing Kit is slipping from his guidance, Baloo plans to show him some fun times at Louie's the next day. But the next day Baloo noticed Kit is missing until he sees Kit falling from the sky and lands at a stunned Baloo and Becky who are not impressed. Later night Baloo and Kit argue over Dan Dawson and Baloo tells him to stay away from Dan which sends Kit into tears saying "You can't tell me what to do! You're NOT my dad!" and throws his hat at Baloo and jumps into his bed weeping softly and Baloo tries to apologize but Kit tearfully ignores him. Baloo turns off the lamp sighly softly and tells him goodnight. But early in the morning Becky informs Baloo who is now completely distressed that Kit heads back to the airfield where he and Dan Dawson are perfecting a stunt... that they both plan on performing on the road. Baloo arrives at the airfield looking for Kit and tries to get him but is unable to get him when Dan Dawson speeds his plane fast leaving a cloud of dust at Baloo. He finally understands that Becky is right and looks at Kit's hat which he is holding as Dan Dawson and Kit fly past above him, he says goodbye at Kit and walks back sadly to his Sea Duck and returns to Cape Suzette. Dan Dawson shows Kit a new stunt and leaves. Kit looks sadly at the picture of his and Baloo fishing. Back at Higher for Hire a policeman arrives and talks to Baloo who is fishing sadly at the dock that Dan Dawson is wanted. Baloo then boards into his Sea Duck to rescue Kit. Meanwhile at the airfield just as the stunt is ready Kit argues at Dan who promised to give him a ride home. However he instead drops Kit and his cloud ski for the stunt. Kit climbs on his cloud ski and looks up seeing Baloo finally arrives and he opens the back hatch of the Sea Duck to release the rope and Kit grabs the rope and Baloo steers his plane toward Dan's plane who is angry at Baloo who rescues Kit and he tells him not to worry it's part of the show and shreds Dan's plane with the Sea Duck's propeller and pulls Kit into the Sea Duck. Kit apologizes to Baloo and hugs him but he tells him not to miss the part of the show. Dan fells and lands into the hands of the policeman who talked to Baloo and arrests him. Kit then apologizes to Baloo for his actions but he happily accepts his apology and Kit orders Baloo to fly straight where Cape Suzzete is and he happily welcomes him back.




  • Kit: Gee... I didn't scare you, did I?
  • Baloo: SCARE? Kit, scare doesn't cover half of it!


  • The Disney Channel previewed this episode June 17, 1990.
  • Alan Roberts was Kit's voice in this episode.
  • This episode is where Baloo becomes an overprotective father figure towards Kit.

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