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Shere Khan is an extremely wealthy businessman who owns a multi-national corporation called Khan Industries, and is the dominant economic force in Cape Suzette.


He is sometimes accompanied by an unnamed emaciated tiger "yes-man" office aide. He takes enjoyment out of running small companies out of business  (Higher for Hire is sometimes on his hit list) with a sense of ruthlessness to skirt around the law as he chooses. He also likes to feed tiny insects to the many carnivorous plants he grows in his office. He once even hired the Air Pirates to create an artificial oil shortage so he could extort higher prices from the public (from "On a Wing and a Bear").

He has a well-armed air force and navy, complete with battleships. This is mainly to protect his shipping and business interests worldwide. However, he is willing to act nobly at times, such as ordering his forces into the air to protect the city from the Air Pirates, and has shown that he respects Baloo's piloting skills, most notably when he allowed Baloo to take over piloting his plane after having all pilots replaced with his own robotic pilots; his plane had been ambushed by the air pirates and the robotic pilot refused to deviate from its flight plan due to its programing, causing Baloo to forcefully remove the robot and take control of the plane to evade the air pirates. He even saved Louie's place from being blown up by Benson.

Despite leaning towards more villainous undertakings, Shere Khan is a neutral character who would stand against Baloo and the heroes on occasions, and side with them on other occasions. His only interest is to make more money and expand his power and authority. He's also shown to hold no grudges, since in the occasions where Baloo and his friends made him lose an affair, he didn't plot for revenge later.

The only true challenge posed to Khan is the Miniversal Corporation, second only to Khan Industries in scale and profits. Managed by chairman and CEO Mr. Sultan — a longtime business rival of Shere Khan — Miniversal fiercely competes with Khan Industries in many areas, chiefly aerospace development and electronics. While Khan Industries may officially deny that the Miniversal Corporation intimidates them in any way, reduced profit last quarter has forced Khan Industries to step up production of its revolutionary top-secret flying project. This move will prevent Miniversal from gaining an advantageous financial edge in what has so far been a close battle between these two corporate giants.


Shere Khan's wardrobe consists of a three piece dark blue suit, white shirt, red tie with gold tie pin and a red rose in his left lapel. Despite his vast wealth he wears no shoes and often splays the claws of his hands when angered or provoked. Shere Khan is never depicted with a tail, despite other tiger or big cat characters possessing them. He has an extremely cool and calm personality, rarely (if ever) showing any sort of alarm or surprise regardless of the circumstances. In fact, when his plane was attacked by Don Karnage's forces in the incident detailed above, he calmly mixed himself a drink as he explained the situation to Baloo.


  • He is voiced by the late Tony Jay who also voiced the character in many other occasions including The Jungle Book 2, the videogames Jungle Book Rhytym and Groove and Nintendo's version of The Jungle Book, House of Mouse and Disneyworld's Jungle Book on Parade.


  • He is based off the character with the same name in Disney's The Jungle Book and the Jungle Book 2. In the movies, he is a suave bengal tiger with a strong hatred to humans and serves as the main antagonist in the movies. 
  • The word Shere (or "shir") translates as "tiger" or "lion" in Persian, Hindi, and Punjabi. While Khan translates as "sovereign", "king", or "military leader" and so forth in a number of languages influenced by the Mongols, including Pashto. In other words, Khan's name means "Tiger King" or "King of the Tigers". 
  • Shere Khan owns the Khan concern, super markets, coal-fired power station, banks and gas station whose net worth is quoted to be worth $3.7 billion in the episode Save the Tiger.
  • Tony Jay reprised his role as Shere Khan in episodes of House Of Mouse and The Jungle Book 2, and even the cutscenes from the Jungle Cubs DVD.


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