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Polly Wants a Treasure is the eleventh episode of TaleSpin.


A parrot Ignatz found in a chest leads Baloo and Kit to buried pirate treasure while Don Karnage chases them.


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Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker buy a collection of junk from a hangar sale on a high atoll. Kit wonders why Baloo is buying so much useless junk, and Baloo explains his hopes to raise money to buy back the Sea Duck from Rebecca. As they board a heavily packed Sea Duck, Air Pirates Mad Dog and Dumptruck arrive to threaten the goose running the sale. As it turns out, one of the sale items was a chest belonging to the pirate captain Juan Toomany.

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Upon discovering that Baloo and Kit have left with it, the two pirates take off after them. A strange voice from amidst the Sea Duck cargo proves to belong to Ignatius, or Ignatz, a parrot who takes a liking to Kit and an immediate dislike to Baloo. The trio are forced to land by the pirates, who leave quickly after obtaining the chest. Later, at Higher for Hire, Rebecca is angry at Baloo because the crystal glasses he was supposed to transport are broken. Baloo excuses himself by blaming the pirates, but he has used them as an excuse so often that Becky doesn't believe him.

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Ignatz reveals that Juan Toomany was his last owner, and that he has memorized the location of the captain's treasure. Back at Pirate Island, Mad Dog and Dumptruck think they completed their mission successfully. However, Don Karnage, having stolen Juan Toomany's diary, is aware of Ignatz's true nature, and sends them to retrieve him. Back at Higher for Hire, Baloo is trying to find a way to repay Rebecca when a disguised Dumptruck arrives, looking to buy the bird from Baloo.

Baloo is quick to agree, but while he is speaking with Dumptruck Ignatz convinces Kit to go with him to find the treasure. The pair, hitching a ride with a plane using Kit's Airfoil, head to Tucker Forest in search of Carlsbear Caverns, where the treasure is hidden. However, as they are searching, Karnage arrives with his two minions. Karnage takes Kit captive, but Ignatz manages to escape and go for help.

Karnage briefly assumes that Kit knows where the treasure is, but Kit informs him of the truth. However, he soon decides to use Kit to get at Ignatz, unaware that the parrot has located Baloo. The angry bear is initially reluctant to listen to the parrot, but for Kit's sake decides to go with him. The two hear Kit laughing and begging, and go to see finding him tied to a tree, while Mad Dog is tickling his feet with a feather.

Impersonating one of Karnage's pirates, Ignatz tricks Mad Dog and Dumptruck into trampling over Karnage as they tackle Baloo. Ignatz then frees Kit, and takes advantage of Don Karnage's stunned state to send him off in the wrong direction. A similarly stunned Baloo is led to safety by Ignatz and Kit, and the trio board the Sea Duck just in time to escape the pirates. Ignatz and Kit manage to convince Baloo to fly back to find the treasure, though they are forced to evade the pursuing trio of pirates in their attack planes.

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The Sea Duck flies into Carlsbear Caverns, with the pirate planes crashing one-by-one behind them. Baloo, Kit, and Ignatz find a pair of tunnel mouths, but Baloo ignores Ignatz's advice and takes one that is booby-trapped. This creates a fissure that separates the pair from Kit, who is once again captured by the pirates. Baloo and Ignatz end up going down a slide and find themselves surrounded by mounds of treasure.

After yet another argument, the pair realize that they have one thing in common: Kit. Putting aside their differences, they go to attempt a rescue, only for Baloo to trigger another trap. Don Karnage tries to stop them from rescuing Kit, only to plunge into a hole with his men. Baloo and his companions then flee the caverns, followed swiftly by the pirates. The caves collapse behind them, burying the treasure as well, as Baloo and his friends fly home.


Back at Higher for Hire, Baloo is lamenting the lost opportunity to repay Rebecca, only for Ignatz to arrive in fancy clothes. He explains that he has gotten a job with a local history museum, sharing the stories of his adventures. Ignatz then gives Kit the money Baloo needs, as a thank you to his young friend rather than the older bear. As Ignatz leaves, Baloo expresses his gratitude.


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  • Cyrus P. McDonald, a podiatry franchise found by Baloo in the want adds, is under the sign of the "fallen arches"; this is a clear parody of McDonald's and its golden arches.
  • At one point, Baloo refers to Ignatz as a "Norwegian Blue", which is a reference to Monty Python, specifically the famous Dead Parrot sketch.
  • The treasure is hidden in Carlsbear Caverns, a reference to the real-world Carlsbad Caverns.

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