Owl capone
Owl Capone (Maurice LaMarche) is a diminutive owl gangster.


He overtakes the gigantic Spruce Moose, which is a giant airplane where Baloo and Rebecca go out to a swanky businessman's ball, primarily since Rebecca wished to schmooze with the wealthy clientele. Capone begins to steal jewelry from most of the people there (except Rebecca, who didn't have any on her) and takes the people in the plane hostage two times.


He is an obsequious, wicked, loathsome, callous, arrogant, pushy, offensive, negative, emotionless, observant, weary, lazy, clever, aggressive, pugnacious, opportunistic, nefarious and egotistical owl.


Capone is short and has brown feathers. He wears a white fedora hat and suit with a black tie.


  • Owl Capone is probably a reference to the American gangster Al Capone.

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