Oscar Vandersnoot is a 6-year-old accident-prone kid, son of lady multi-millionaire Mrs. Vandersnoot, & a close friend of Kit Cloudkicker. He was male child voiced by Ben Ryan Ganger.


He is a short, brown hair geeky-looking yellow bear cub who wears a formal jacket, shirt, bowtie, & big circle shape thick glasses.


He is seen as adventurous, though his mother often keeps him on a short leash. He's heartbrokened, because the Jungle-Ace club members thinks he's also a walking disaster also friend zone.


Kit Cloudkicker:




  • No.
  • "My mother says they're too dangerous."
    Ma mère dit qu'ils sont trop dangereux.
    Mi madre dice que son muy peligrosos.
    Manman mwen di ke yo danjere.
    Minha mãe diz que eles são perigosos.


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  • Oscar is the only Jungle-Ace member known to have any parents, of course Kit does not, but it is a mystery who the other boys' parents are or if they're actually orphans like Kit.
  • Both Oscar & Molly Cunningham were at the same age at the same time.
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