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Mommy for a Day is the eight episode of TaleSpin.


Molly becomes a surrogate mother to a flying creature that becomes large when it gets wet and small when it dries. This becomes more difficult when she has to protect the creature from the bloodthirsty poacher MacKnee.


In a stormy forest, the poacher MacKnee drives an unseen creature into a large wooden box, believing that he's made his fortune. At the Cunningham apartment, Rebecca walks in on Molly, who has been helping herself to her mother's makeup. To her further chagrin and Molly's disappointment, Rebecca has to change their plans to go out for the day. Rebecca decides to make amends by bringing Molly to Higher for Hire with her, but is distracted by a phone call, Baloo's antics, and her daughter.

As it turns out, Baloo-aided by Kit and Wildcat-is helping MacKnee with his cargo, and Molly tries to help. Unfortunately, his crate ends up breaking, releasing the creature within, which makes its way unnoticed up to where Molly is sitting on the dock. Molly soon befriends the tiny, scared creature, which she dubs a "baby buffalo", and tries to share it with her mother and friends. Unfortunately, the distracted elders are unable to pay attention to her new friend, whom she names Henry after someone her mother is speaking to on the phone.

Molly wanders off to play with Henry, but soon discovers that he is longing for his mother. Molly decides to adopt the creature, and is then called to go home by her mother. Even at their apartment Rebecca's time is fully occupied, leaving her oblivious to Molly caring for the creature. When Henry comes into contact with water, he grows to massive size, but returns to his diminutive stature after drying off. Still ignorant of what's truly going on, Rebecca becomes frustrated with Molly and blames Henry's mess on her, but agrees to read her Gladys and the Gorilla, her favorite bedtime story.

Determined to honor her promise this time, Rebecca hangs up on Kit, who with Baloo is being tormented by MacKnee searching for the missing creature, which turns out to be a legendary Yenkara. MacKnee's description makes Baloo and Kit realize that Henry is the creature, and they rush to the apartment just in time to see Molly putting him in the bathtub. MacKnee soon begins attacking the enlarged creature, which flees with Kit and Molly on its back. MacKnee informs a distraught Baloo and Rebecca that they're being flown to the Valley of the Yenkara.

The young bears make a safe-if wet-landing, but Molly refuses to leave Henry behind, feeling that Rebecca is too busy to care about her. Unbeknownst to her, Rebecca and Baloo are en route aboard the Sea Duck; unfortunately, McKnee is with them and eager to take his prey dead or alive. Rebecca manages to knock his shot off course, but it damages one of the Sea Duck's propellers. The plane crashes, and MacKnee takes off after Henry and the children on foot while Baloo and Rebecca try to repair the plane.

Kit manages to divert the poacher's attention, allowing Henry to reach a nearby river and grow to full size. After losing the villain, the trio continue their trip, but Molly continues to doubt that her mother cares what's become of her. However, after the three are caught in a storm, the Sea Duck catches up to them, and Rebecca lets herself out the cargo door on a line in order to reach Molly. Sadly, Molly plummets in flight, but is rescued by Henry who carries her back to her mother.

Rebecca returns the favor by pulling Henry into the plane after he shrinks, and the Sea Duck proceeds to Yenkara Valley. They encounter a whole crowd of encara, and Molly tearfully bids farewell to her friend, only for McKnee to swoop in intent on capturing the whole family. Molly manages to splash the contents of McKnee's canteen on Henry, who grows massive and flattens the hunter. The Higher for Hire team return him to Cape Suzette, where they turn the raving villain to the police. Rebecca, meanwhile, honors her promise to read Molly her bedtime story, though with some alterations to fit the heroism of its audience.


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  • This is the episode where Molly is revealed to have a middle-name, "Elizabeth".

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