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Molly Coddled is the tenth episode of TaleSpin.


A con artist named Covington is using Rebecca Cunningham to get a doll with a stone in it, especially from Molly after the latter found it.


Two badgers pursue a lion named Covington, all three of them in speedboats, and Covington throws a satchel he is carrying aboard the Sea Duck as he passes Higher for Hire. Unable to escape Cape Suzette, Covington takes advantage of a nearby police officer, crashing his boat into the officer's car. He then turns himself in for arrest, leaving the badgers with no choice but to leave. The next day, Covington sneaks past a sleeping Baloo to check the plane, only to find it a mess.

Kit arrives and wakes Baloo, informing him that Rebecca will be arriving soon to inspect the Sea Duck. Covington takes off as the pair hurriedly clean the plane, though they fail to dispose of everything before Rebecca arrives. She is accompanied by Molly, clad in her Danger Woman costume, who is happy to see Baloo. Molly exposes Baloo and Kit's "under-the-rug" tactics, and Rebecca laments there not being a man of culture around.

Covington reappears at this point, and soon begins flirting with a flattered Rebecca; Molly is less susceptible to his charms and suspicious of his true intent. She then comes across Covington's satchel, and soon becomes attached to the strange wooden doll inside. Eager to obtain the doll, Covington keeps up his charming gentleman act, and takes Rebecca out on a number of social excursions. He persists despite Molly's attempts to drive him off, and Rebecca pleads with her daughter to warm up to him.

Determined to protect her mother, Molly sabotages Covington and Rebecca's dinner date, exposing his baldness in the process. As Rebecca remonstrates with her daughter, Covington decides to take drastic action. He fakes a phone call from Baloo about a robbery at Higher for Hire, and offers to watch Molly while she checks in. Covington then attempts to take the doll from Molly by force, revealing in the process that it's worth millions of dollars.

Molly manages to elude Covington and make her way to Higher for Hire, only for Rebecca, Baloo, and Kit to drive off to the Cunningham apartment in search of her. Luckily, they return just as Covington attempts to corner Molly aboard the Sea Duck, but she then flees into an alley. However, just as he apparently succeeds in stealing the doll from her, his old partners arrive and grab him and the satchel. However, Molly proves to have switched the artifact for a doll of her own, having hidden the stolen artifact aboard the Sea Duck.

Covington returns to the plane and recovers it, only to be found by Rebecca and Baloo in the act. He reveals that the badgers have Molly, and tries to con his way into going alone to deliver the doll as a ransom. Baloo and friends insist on accompanying him, unaware that Molly is proving more than a match for her captors. She escapes shortly before the Sea Duck arrives, but Covington takes a page out of Molly's book and switches her doll for the artifact.

Unaware that Molly is following him, Covington flees into the jungle of the island where Molly was being held, and uses the doll to open a secret door. The passage behind, apparently leading to a fabulous treasure, proves to be booby-trapped. After suffering some perils, Covington acquires his prize-a ruby in the shape of the key-only for Molly to snatch it from him and squeeze into a hiding place he can't enter. As Covington attempts to recover it, he is unwittingly tricked into confessing his deceptions, much to Rebecca's fury.

Covington, having obtained the ruby doll before her tirade, loses hold of it when the badgers tackle him, causing it to fall into a bubbling pool. Bereft of his prize, exposed as a conman, and relieved of his toupee, Covington is carried off by his former associates. The Higher for Hire team, together with Molly, then take off for home, Rebecca expressing regret that she ever felt she needed anything more than her daughter.



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  • Towards the end of the episode, when Covington's former badger partners speak their final lines ("The question is, can you take it?" and "Yeah?!"), their voices and personalities are switched.


  • At the very end of the episode, Molly's closing Danger Woman narration line of "Same Danger time, same Danger channel!" is a reference to the closing narration that accompanied the end of several cliffhanger episodes of the 1966 Batman TV series: "Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!"
  • While the trench coat wearing crook doesn't have a spoken name (his partner does however, addressed as Arnold); he dresses similar to Dick Tracy.

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