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Season 1, Episode 56
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Mach One for the Gipper is the fifty-sixth episode of TaleSpin. It premiered on February 11, 1991.


After Baloo inadvertently picks up a package belonging to another pilot, Ace London, Ace blames Baloo for the mix-up and Baloo has to clear his name while also dodging air pirates. When Baloo crashes at General Patton's base. Ace tells Patton that he is famous not Baloo and he stole the engine, causing Baloo to say that he is not a thief. The two pilots who were with Ace realize their mistake and tells Ace that Baloo is telling the truth and loaded the wrong crate and then when Baloo tried to give back Ace was shooting at him. Patton was enraged at Ace's actions shooting civilians, mishandling government property, accusing Baloo as a thief and aiding Don Karnage and his air pirates and congratulates Baloo for testing the engine. Ace is then fired from military duty and sadly breaks the fourth wall "You got that right," and begins sobbing on his plane before taking off delivering pickles.





  • This is the only episode of the series to feature a jet engine, still in the experimental stages.
    • The engine was known as the X-1 (a reference to the rocket-plane Bell X-1), however it should be noted that in actuality the sound barrier was broken in the nineteen-forties (much later than the series takes place) and by rocket-propulsion rather than jet-propulsion.


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