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Her Royal Highness, Lotta Lamour, the Crown Princess of Macadamia

The kingdom of Macadamia is the titular location of the TaleSpin episode "The Road to Macadamia".


Ruled by King Amuck and his beautiful daughter, Princess Lotta Lamour, the kingdom of Macadamia is among the desert's wealthiest and most prosperous civilizations. A popular trade city founded thousands of years ago, Macadamia quickly grew into a rich and powerful kingdom, trafficked by traders and foreign merchants. Legends abounded of Macadamia's affluence; among them, rumors of a vast treasure vault hidden within the walls of Macadamia's royal palace.

In recent years, however, Macadamia had faced several hardships, most notably a sudden depression which crippled the kingdom's economy and left its current ruler penniless. Reportedly, King Amok had squandered the kingdom's money, an accusation which led Amok's most trusted advisor, Chancellor Trample, to fear that the people might lead a revolt against their ruler. Trample promised to donate his fortune to save the kingdom in exchange for the Princess' hand in marriage.

In reality, Trample was behind the kingdom's depression. Having secretly stolen the king's tax money and turned several of the palace guards to his side, the greedy chancellor sought to dethrone Amok and rule Macadamia himself. Fortunately, Trample's plot was exposed and the stolen tax money returned, restoring Macadamia to its former prosperity.


  • Macadamia seems to be the Talespin version of the Middle-East, given its décor.


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