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The tranquil, peaceful country of Lhasa Apso occupies a mountainous region in the far east. The inhabitants of Lhasa Apso are a simple people, dwelling in small villages which dot the valleys and mountainsides. Lhasa Apso is also home to the revered Dhagi Lama, an ancient order whose secret spicy-chicken recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.



While safeguarding the Dhagi Lama's recipe ingredients, Baloo and Kit were attacked by Don Karnage and his Air Pirates over the Lhasa Apso countryside. It was here that Baloo performed one of his most famous maneuvers — after losing the Pirates with a loop-de-loop, Baloo made a three-point landing inside a volcano, the first time on record that anyone had accomplished such a feat. Today, Baloo's maneuver is spoken of in those parts as the "Krakatoa Touchdown."

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