Jungle Aces Headquarters

The Jungle Aces Headquarters is a treehouse in a junkyard and where the Jungle Aces attend. It debuted in "Captains Outrageous" and made another appearance in "Bullethead Baloo".


Outside school, children explore and play in interesting places near their homes; for instance, the junkyards and landfills at the fringes of Cape Suzette's suburban neighborhoods. Cluttered but safe, these scrap-filled fields make a wonderful setting for games of hide-and-seek, tag, and other horseplay. In the boughs of one large tree rests a hideout cobbled together from all sorts of found items, the headquarters of a secret club run by Kit Cloudkicker and his young friends.

The Jungle Aces Secret Midnight Club — a deceivingly mysterious name for a group of juveniles who assemble in a treehouse simply to celebrate flying and adventure. Kit Cloudkicker and his pals founded the Jungle Aces out of a mutual appreciation for pilots and their adventurous, high-flying exploits.

The Jungle Aces are a tight-knit bunch, six in number. Oscar Vandersnoot, the newest Jungle Ace, holds the office of club president; Ernie, Kit's founding partner, acts as moderator for "official meetings." The kids meet inside their clubhouse at prearranged intervals to fraternize, tell stories (Kit having the most to share), and cover items of business such as inducting new members. According to club rules, Jungle Ace candidates can be nominated by at least one present member, and must have a tale of a personal adventure to qualify for membership. The club has stayed fairly true to its original charter, lapsing only once from aviation fanhood to infatuation with a certain comic book hero.

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