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I Only Have Ice for You is the ninth episode of TaleSpin.


Rebecca takes over flying the Sea Duck after Baloo's license is temporarily suspended while trying to evade air pirates. The move causes havoc as Higher for Hire attempts to deliver a block of ice to a wealthy desert prince.


The Sea Duck is forced to land by Don Karnage's Air Pirates, who holds Baloo, Rebecca Cunningham, and Kit Cloudkicker at blade point. When his men find nothing of value, despite Rebecca's assertions that they are carrying rubies, Don Karnage becomes furious. However, he flees when Kit mentions spotting the Shore Patrol, unaware that it's only a ruse. Rebecca complains about Baloo failing to tell her where he hid the precious stones, which turns out to be in a couple of barrels of strawberry jam.

After Baloo taunts the Air Pirates with the revelation, he is contacted by Cape Suzette Air Control, who inform him that he does not have clearance to land due to other aircraft entering the city. Baloo ignores the warning and flies in regardless, with Karnage sending Mad Dog in after him. The pirate crashes into a zeppelin and bounces back out, while the Sea Duck arrives safely back in the city. However, Baloo's infraction results in his pilot's license being temporarily suspended.

Having already taken on a job for Prince Nevarhas Bin Broak, who has requested that an iceberg be delivered by air to his kingdom, Baloo questions how they're supposed to accomplish the task. To his surprise, Rebecca informs him that she intends to make the flight herself, using a guide for beginners she has purchased. Baloo reluctantly agrees to go along with it, as she refuses to let him fly while his license is suspended. He and Kit soon find themselves flying along with their new novice pilot, who manages a take-off...though not without picking up a bell buoy in the process.

Baloo and Rebecca continue to bicker as the flight progresses, though Baloo attempts to reason with her as she prepares to land the plane. His and Kit's fears are seemingly justified when she mixes up the steps, but she manages to bring the plane down safely. Much to Baloo's frustration, Rebecca then has Baloo ride the iceberg-which has been fitted with propellers-as she steers the Sea Duck in towing it towards their destination. Unfortunately, they soon have bigger worries, as the Air Pirates arrive and open fire on them.

Baloo ends up hanging from the back of the Sea Duck by the towrope, which he disconnects from the iceberg. However, Rebecca, attempting to use her book to help them escape, ends up crash landing on it. Iceberg and plane are then drawn into the hold of the Iron Vulture, only for it to plummet due to the weight of of the massive ice chunk. Remembering Baloo's last trick, Don Karnage suspects that Higher for Hire have hidden diamonds in the iceberg, and sets his men to trying to find them.

The crew of the Sea Duck end up in a cell guarded by Dumptruck, and Rebecca breaks down crying when her book provides no answers to their situation. She apologizes to Baloo for her bossy behavior, and reluctantly surrenders the book to Baloo. He and Kit use it to knock out the guard, and the trio escape their cell and don pirate disguises. Infuriated by the failure of his crew to find anything in the ice, Karnage leaves to interrogate his captives, only to spot them in their getup.

Cornered by the pirates, Baloo hits a button to open the bay doors, dropping the iceberg and the Sea Duck. The Iron Vulture hurtles into the air, its engines still having been at full power, as snow and ice falls upon Prince Neverhas Bin Broak's kingdom. Unable to reach the controls of the Sea Duck due to a ball and chain, Baloo talks Rebecca through a safe landing. Despondent, Rebecca leaves to apologize to the prince, though Baloo assures her she did a fine job.

The prince turns out to be ecstatic, as the pirates have done the work he was already planning to have his servants do. As he leaves to enjoy his new ski slope, Rebecca notes with some pleasure that she'll have to keep flying the Sea Duck while Baloo's license is still suspended. Baloo is furious at the notion, and he and Rebecca begin arguing, their only point of agreement being that Kit isn't allowed to fly.


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  • This is the first time Rebecca is seen driving a plane.
  • During the episode's making, the trio were going to be dressed in winter-clothes.

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