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The Glorious Colossal Thembrian People's Court is a courthouse in Thembria.


Thembria's official center for law and justice, the superlatively-titled Glorious Colossal Thembrian People's Court building is settled on the outskirts of the Thembrian capital city. Barbed wire fences encircle the concrete edifice designed in the style of a Thembrian garrison, a fitting similarity for symbols of the Thembrian military state.

Accepted judicial practice finds its polar opposite in Thembria's legal system, which defines truth as authorized by the Thembrian government. The state commonly acts as the prosecution in most cases, condemning defendents as "guilty until proven innocent." Needless to say, fair trials are hard to come by in the Glorious People's Court (particularly for foreigners).

In the main courtroom, defendants must plead their own cases without the benefit of court-appointed counsel — clearly, Thembria suffers from a shortage of lawyers. The state never lacks representation on its behalf, sending down officials such as Colonel Spigot to oversee the trials of alleged spies and terrorists. The sensationalism of the proceedings reaches all Thembrians over the airwaves, courtesy of the court radio announcer who hosts each episode of the "Glorious Colossal People's Court," one of Thembria's highest-rated programs.

Every impassioned plea falls upon the ear of the chief justice, a fixture of the bench. The bewigged judge acts without constraint, sentencing defendants to a thousand years just for failing to compliment his hairdo.


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