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The Fancy Apartments are one of many residential areas in Cape Suzette. One such apartment is home to the Cunninghams.


Just as hotels define the low end of the space-for-rent market in Cape Suzette, so apartment buildings make up the middle range and high end of choices. Renters have an array of options available for leased housing, selecting an apartment by comparing monthly rent, lease provisions, and many other factors.

That all-important word 'location' (repeated like a mantra) precisely identifies the selling point that grabs buyers most frequently. In a paradise setting like Cape Suzette, renters can fall easy prey to the temptation of improving their lifestyle, some beyond what their budgets realistically allow. Earning power and reasonable standards of living separate those who own fancy apartments from those who do not.

An Apartment Tour

A keystone of residential architecture in Cape Suzette is the preservation and use of scenic elements as aesthetic features of a building's design. This principle hardly originated here, but nowhere else have designers struck a more perfect agreement between the natural and the man-made, without sacrificing the integrity of either.

Several apartment towers and condos in high-profile portions of Cape Suzette utilize this approach. Perhaps the most striking is one apartment complex that frames a waterfall — the following tour of this facility shall also examine the unit owned by Rebecca Cunningham.

Outer lobby

Residents and visitors to these apartments take the elevator up. An accompanying stairway on the opposite side of many such towers serves as an alternate means of entry, if the elevator should fail. Glass paneling affords passengers a breathtaking view on their ascent to each floor's outer lobby, which opens to a balcony shared by those living in the apartment on that level. Potted plants and soft interior lights set a welcoming tone outside the double doors to each unit.

The waterfall is a truly magnificent centerpiece — framed by glass and concrete, it empties at a rate of thousands of gallons per day into Cape Suzette harbor. The cascades replenish the bay with fresh water from inland, a crucial link in the area's irrigation system and the circulatory cycle of the ocean. Some residential complexes collect drinking water from the falls; others harness the cascades' force to generate hydroelectric power, but only as a backup or a supplement to the local power grid they tap into.

Supervisors warn sightseers not to lean too far over the balcony's rim while glimpsing the waterfall from these dizzying heights (as amateur high-diving is never recommended).

Apartment entry and living room

Apartments such as the one owned by Ms. Cunningham feature a large living room immediately adjoining the foyer, accounting for up to half the unit's size. In many buildings the apartments are sold empty, but there are luxury apartments for rent complete with furniture and generic decoratings. Stylish throw rugs add a splash of color to the carpeting, accentuating the occupant's chosen layout and pick of furnishings.

In most interior arrangements, part of the living room can serve as a dining area, usually the portion closest to the kitchen. High ceilings increase the room's perceived space. Tall-frame picture windows face both the city skyline and the waterfall visible from inside; a sliding glass door permits access to the railing-lined ledge within the waterfall enclosure.

Kitchen and dining area

For their scale, apartments of this type sport sizeable kitchens, with stain-proof and scratch-resistant countertops and tile floors. Major appliances, refrigerators and multi-range ovens, come pre-installed; all other items (toasters, cookware, dishware, and utensils) the tenant must supply. Ample cabinet and drawer space, towel racks, and a wall-mounted telephone are very handy conveniences to have.

The commodious kitchen space can hold a table and chairs seating four comfortably; some tenants shift the dining area to the edge of the living room and reserve the kitchen for food preparation. The door next to the phone and windows leads to the kitchen's back porch, a continuation of the outer balcony.

Apartment bedrooms

Customarily, apartment building owners advertise a space for rent according to the number of bedrooms it has. Listings in classified ads mention anywhere from one to three bedrooms for an apartment unit, with prices scaled accordingly. Most apartments, Ms. Cunningham's included, have two bedrooms: one for the primary occupant(s) and another for children or guests. Some renters use the second bedroom as a lounge or workplace, as long as they do not violate the terms of their lease (which usually prohibits substantial alterations to the property). Each bedroom may have its own bathroom or share a single one, depending on the apartment's size and configuration.


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