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The Cliffside Dwellings are homes built into a cliff.


Large cities tend to develop smaller, spin-off communities, sometimes in places no one would imagine people might live. This is certainly true of Cape Suzette, where a few brave souls leave the hustle and bustle of the mainland for a house with a view — of the cliffside! Each wall of the narrow channel is pocked with crevices holding huts and bungalows, linked into a vertical village by tunnels and elevators within the rock face, and rope bridges and walkways without. Life as a cliff dweller is not for everybody (if planes flying right past your front porch unnerve you). Most inhabitants moved here because the cost of housing is so low, joining the cliff gunners and their families on the sides and also the top of the cliffs. A handful of retired gun tenders inhabit tiny shelters on the outer cliff side facing the ocean, as well.


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