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Cardi's is a twin-pinnacled island.


Wedged between two spire-like mountains, the island port of Cardi's is a popular waypoint for pilots along the Usland shipping lanes. A rickety landing ramp — which makes landings hazardous — leads to a small airfield nestled between the twin mountains of the island. Giant warehouses along the airstrip store cargo crates for pickup and delivery, making Cardi's a critical transfer point along many trade routes.

Points of Interest

Sally's Alley: While a flyer waits for his cargo to be loaded, he can relax over in "Sally's Alley," a diner and pilot hang-out frequented by former test pilot Ace London.

Warehouse: The warehouse provides temporary storage for crates flown into Cardi's. Pilots are responsible for keeping track of their cargo, as Cardi's port management cannot be held accountable for errors involving misplaced or misidentified shipments.


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