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The Cape Suzette Theaters are various movie-theaters. They appeared in "The Incredible Shrinking Molly".


For a day's entertainment or an evening escape, nothing beats going to the movies. The magic of cinema draws moviegoers to Cape Suzette's theaters, to share the experience when the houselights fade and moving images flicker to life on a silver-colored screen.

Since motion pictures first came into being, they have attracted audiences like no form of entertainment before them. Today's film studios turned a novelty into an multi-million-dollar industry making movies from books or original screenplays. Tantamount Studios leads the pack of producers, having introduced the world to movie icons such as Bumphrey Hogart and Kitten Kaboodle.

The collective thrill of thousands watching images on a movie screen is due to technical innovations that immerse viewers in the cinematic experience. The arrival of sound and "talking pictures" marked a milestone of achievement in the history of this miraculous medium; many think that color film, stereo sound, and other breakthroughs lie just ahead.

Cape Suzette's movie houses play to packed crowds all year round, thanks to low ticket pricing and an abundance of movies suited to general audiences. In the darkened theater, clutching a bag of popcorn and other snacks, filmgoers may enjoy watching newsreels, animated cartoons, or the latest Starrywood box-office blockbuster.


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