Buzz (Kenneth Mars) is a short purple-haired bird of indeterminate species who is Khan's peculiar in-house inventor as well as an old friend of Baloo's.


A self-described "loyal company man", he is also the captain of the company chess team. Buzz's most noted invention is a prototype helicopter which promises to allow his employer to be the first marketer of a revolutionary new kind of aircraft.

He's a brainy, understanding, zany, zesty, trusting, honest, eccentric, inventive, no-nonsense, valiant, educated, neurotic, timid, organized, respectful, bashful, upbeat, zestful, zealous, thoughtful, helpful, eager, ingenious, nice, volatile, even-tempered, noble, tenacious, obsequious and relaxed bird.


He wears brown pants and jacket, a dark-blue shirt, and a white choker with a pink polka-dotted bowtie.


  • Buzz always appeared in episodes that excluded Rebecca Cunningham and Wildcat.
    • Buzz also seems to be similar to the latter, given that both are good at mechanical engineering, yet are also dense.