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The Alpacan Mountains is a mountain-chain that seems to be based on the Himalayas.


Reaching thousands of feet into the sky, the snow-capped peaks of the Alpacan Mountains form one of the largest mountain chains in the world. Known for their majestic beauty, the Alpacan Mountains cover hundreds of square miles and are interspersed among a series of lakes, forests, and barren flats dotted with mud pits. Cross-currents and dangerous updrafts make the Alpacan range a tricky area for pilots to traverse. The Alpacan Mountains are home to several unique varieties of animals, including a rare species of giant condor. (See the entry in the "Creatures" section for more details.)

Nestled among the mountains are numerous small villages and towns, many of which are adjacent to forested areas. Deep within one of these forests lies a secret ancient temple, supposedly the resting place of the legendary Idol of Doom.


Long ago, according to local legend, a powerful sorcerer constructed a terrible weapon called the "Idol of Doom." Using this device, the sorcerer was able to summon great destruction upon the inhabitants of the land. Finally, the people rose up and took the Idol from its maker, but they were unable to destroy the mystical statue. Instead they built a secret temple deep within the forests of the Alpacan Mountains, to hide the Idol until the day that a hero — the "Great Llama" — would destroy the evil forever.

Concealed near a swamp area somewhere in the Alpacan jungles, the secret temple consisted of a labyrinth of wind tunnels, designed to confuse intruders and lead them in circles. Only by following the directions on an ancient scroll could one locate the central chamber, where upon a pedestal sat the legendary Idol of Doom. Undisturbed for centuries, the temple collapsed when the villainous El Gato seized the Idol and used its destructive powers to make good his escape.

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