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Air Vector Stations are airfields in Thembria that handle foreign importations.


Part of the Glorious People's Air Force's airspace control network, Thembrian "air vectors" serve as navigation checkpoints for aircraft traveling throughout the continent. While most Thembrian pilots don't even know what an air vector is, 10,000 air vectors exist in Thembria, represented by ground control stations such as these.

Aircraft, especially those flown by foreigners, must land at designated air vector stations for inspection and security clearance. Most air vectors along Thembrian borders are closed by order of either Colonel Spigot or the High Marshall. Individuals with sufficient rank may be granted special clearance to pass closed checkpoints, but foreigners are rarely allowed to do so even in emergency situations. Once an aircraft lands at a ground station, Thembrian workers run a standard inspection and bomb check on the plane while the pilot's passport is processed for clearance.


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