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The Air Race Headquarters is a racetrack for airplanes


Only a half-hour's flight from Cape Suzette, the Air Race Headquarters is home to a number of air contests, including the "Great Air Scavenger Hunt." Several pilots come from far and wide to participate in these flying events, pilots such as Airplane (Plane) Jane and Cool Hands Luke. Planes taxi across the field's packed-dirt airstrip and take off down a wooden ramp built atop a grassy precipice overlooking the ocean.

Among the most noted air challenges held here are the "Great Armadillo Cook-off and Air Rally" and the aforementioned "Great Air Scavenger Hunt." The Armadillo Air Rally consists of a series of qualifying cook-off rounds, culminating with a race between two finalists to release a festive armadillo balloon. The Great Air Scavenger Hunt is more a challenge of wits: pilots receive clues to the locations of hidden items, which they must retrieve and return to the airfield first in order to win.


In order to compete in the various air races (particularly the Great Air Scavenger Hunt), pilots must be sponsored by one of the local aviation clubs. This policy is mandatory for entering many of the big air competitions, and regulates contest participation by keeping novice pilots and cut-rate flyers from crowding out experienced, qualified pilots.

Several air clubs have tents pitched right alongside the airfield for race sponsorship purposes. Among the local air clubs represented at the Air Race field are the Aero Cubs, the Cloudhoppers, the Sky Vikings, the Knights of the Air, the Air Kings, and the D.O.A. (Daughters of Aviation, an all-female club headed by Ms. Mary Lamb).


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