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Season 1, Episode 20-21
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A Bad Reflection on You is a two-part episode of The Disney Afternoon animated series, TaleSpin.

The episodes premiered on October 1 and October 2, 1990. It is the twentieth and twenty-first episodes in broadcast order.


Baloo gets an award from Shere Khan for being "the best pilot in the world." However, he lets that go to his head when he is selected for the Master Run, a dangerous route from which none of Khan's pilots that have flown it have returned. When they fly the Master Run, Baloo and Kit learn who is really behind the disappearance.


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  • When Kit reentered the hatch he came out of, he closed it, but when Dumptruck fell near it the hatch was opened again, and when Dumptruck was wobbling, the hatch is closed again.


  • Kit's last name "Cloudkicker" was misspelled as "Clown-Kicker" on the newspaper.
  • This episode featured the voices of both Alan Roberts and R.J. Williams as Kit.
  • Dumptruck remarks "It's clobberin' time!" while pursuing Kit, which is the catchphrase of Marvel Comics' the Thing.
  • Don Karnage mistakenly refers to a Scottish Terrier air pirate named Jacques as Scottie, possibly a reference to Star Trek.

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